BCIS Extra Credit

Extra Credit Extra credit will be accepted any time during a six week period except the last week.  ”Dress to Impress” Professional Day: Every Wednesday you may dress professionally, as you would in a typical office setting and receive a daily grade of 100. No jeans, denim, tennis/casual shoes, or T-shirts allowed. Girls should wear dresses, skirts, or slacks with appropriate dress shoes (No flip flops!). Boys must wear a collard shirt (must be tucked in) and nice slacks with appropriate shoes, and a belt. For examples, see Poster. All garments should be IRONED! You must remain dressed up the entire school day. If you are absent, you will miss this free 100. If you are on a field trip, you must come by and show me your attire.  Newspaper/Magazine Article: Any article related to computers and/or the business environment will count as quiz grade. You must submit the following: One page, double spaced paper in 12 point, Arial with 1 inch top, bottom and side margins. Half of the paper should summarize the article and the other half should state your opinion.The original or copy of the article itself.A maximum of 100 points (2 articles) can be accumulated during any one six week period. ”Everyone’s a Comic” Comic Strips: Any computer-related comic strip will count as 10 points toward any daily grade. The comic strip(s) must be neatly trimmed. One half of the submitted comics MUST be from a periodical; the other half may be computer generated. A maximum of 50 points can be accumulated during any one six week period.Hint: Just because there is a computer in the comic does not qualify it “computer related.”


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